Chris di Domizio is a nationally award winning artist with over 25 years of teaching experience. His background and qualifications include:
• President / Owner, Art Teacher of diDomizio Arts School
• National award winning artist
• Oil painter and professional photographer
• International training in Florence, Italy
• Formally studied art in college for 12 years
• Studied seven years with Dr. Richard Hillis
• His artwork resides in prominent collections alongside Rembrandt and Sargent.
• Worked for the Atlanta College of Art
• Member of Who’s Who in American Colleges
• Member of the Prestigious Oil Painters of America
• Member of the Internationally Acclaimed Portrait Society of America
• Member of the Portrait Society of Atlanta                                                                                                                          *Member of American Impressionist Society
• Rosemary Paint Company designed and named a paint brush for Chris diDomizio (Dab & Smear).                        * *Authority on the one of the greatest 19c artist – John S. Sargent                                                                                                          Lectures on John S. Sargent given to: Portrait Society of Atlanta (among the most prestigious portrait organizations in America), Ben Robertson Center, Alpharetta Art Guild                                                                                                                   *Art Workshops given all over the Europe and United States:                                                                                               Each trip included 50-80 artist to: 4 separate trips to South of Provence, France. 5 separate trips to Italy ( Bellagio, Venice, Verona, Florence).                                                                                                                                                     *Led 30-40 artist as a Museum Guide to major art shows: 1997 Sargent Show at Francine Clark Institute, 1999 Sargent Retrospective Exhibition  at Museum of Fine Art Boston, Vermeer Retrospective National Gallery Washington D.C., Monet Retrospective Chicago Art Institute, Sargent Watercolor Retrospective Brooklyn Museum, New York.

Chris teaching a Color workshop on the Triadic Circle


Chris started his own private art school in 1995, now located in Atlanta, GA.
• Has taught thousands of students for over 20 years.
Currently, 150 art students enrolled each week.
• Designed a successful classical art program for adults and children.
• Training artist to become teachers and leaders in the art community.
Adult Artwork has been collected in museums, featured on magazine covers, and in numerous magazine articles (18 in recent years – see History Page).
High School Students have won highly acclaimed local and national competitions (National Congressional Art Competition,  Bob Jones University National High School Competition, Governor’s Honors Program).
International Workshops: Venice, Lake Como, Bellagio, Burano, Italy. Paris, St.Remy, Gordes, Roussillon, Nice, Dordogne, Giverny, France.• Workshops: Portrait Painting, Color Theory, Plein Air, Alla Prima, Figure Drawing, Old Master Techniques, and Portraits.             • Museum Trip Lectures: Metropolitan Museum of Art-N.Y. ( Sargent), Museum Fine Art-Boston   ( Sargent), Francine Clark Art Institute (Sargent), Wash. D.C. ( Vermeer), Chicago Art Institute (Monet), Booth Museum ( Aspevig). High Museum (Mauritshuis),  Venice, Italy (Academy), Louvre, Muse De Orsay, Rodin, Musee de l’Orangerie, Paris, France.
Upcoming Trips: Italy Plein Air Workshop in May 2016!)


“One day I found myself standing in the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, just staring at John S. Sargent’s painting of Mrs. Boit. I could see his classical foundation. While I was amazed at his ability and power, another one of his paintings caught my eye. As I compared the paintings, I saw art principles clearly demonstrated in one painting — and yet deliberately left out of the next one. I asked myself …why?  He clearly knew these concepts. Why would he choose not to use them? Why not show the world what he knew?

I have spent the last 20 years evaluating paintings, trying to see what works, what doesn’t, and why. I saw a pattern: these art concepts are tools, and I can now see when to use them and when to deliberately leave them out.

During my 100,000 hours of painting and teaching art, my definition of beauty in art has changed. Before, the goal was to make a painting realistic, and I excelled at that – but it was unsatisfying. Now, saying, I understand what Sargent was saying, he has a voice in art. He took a specific art tool to evoke a message. When he uses the art tool he is saying one thing and when he chooses not to use it, it says another thing. I discovered the message comes before the principle. To me, that is what makes art beautiful.

I believe art is about you, communicating a message using your voice as Sargent did.

Chris diDomizio Plein Air painting at Sweetwater Creek State Park


• Art With A Mission, City of Refuge,  New Hope in Haiti.
• Photography Foreign mission work,  Haiti, Pakistan, and Bangladesh for New Hope in Haiti and Operation Mobilization.
• Vice President of Art with a Mission Inc. 501 c-3 Non-Profit Organization.
• Chris and other artists continue fundraising for college tuition for orphans in Haiti.

My favorite things to do:

• Fly fishing, photography, and teaching.


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