Discover your Voice in Art

We desire to equip you with art tools for success, help you discover the artist you are called to be, and develop your unique style. I recognize the fears of a new art student. Take courage! Everyone is a beginner before reaching higher levels of artistic ability. I can teach you how art is a language. All you need is desire.

What Makes Us Unique?

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How? in a three stage Greek Classical Model

The success of our art instructional program comes from thirty years of teaching classical art principles. Our art students build a solid foundation of artistic skills, utilizing tools that were handed down through generations of great master artists. Artists of the past made discoveries that are still recognized as great — yet are largely overlooked as critical art tools in contemporary art schools.  Our Atlanta art program reveals these unique classical tools of the past, which we call “Art Toolz Today”, to modern art students. Learn to confidently use these art tools to write your visual art story and elicit an emotional response.

“After studying with Chris, my painting became richer and more emotional. I felt a renewed joy in creating mood and meaning in my art. Chris’ teaching continues to be a major influence on my work.”

Where do I begin? At my level.

Classical Drawing: A critical foundation of art tools to transform your levels of both drawing and painting. We strongly recommend that you start with Drawing and move to Painting when ready, regardless of skill level. Each program is unique to itself, focusing on different art tools. The drawing program will give you a strong foundation and transform the way you approach art. This process is essential to the painting program. Often, artists who encounter problems in painting feel frustrated and stuck. What looks like a painting problem is often, in fact, a lack of drawing concepts. Mastering these principles will save time and needless frustration later. Take your art to the next level.

Classical Painting:

Our Painting Program teaches foundational color theories, palettes, and skillful handling of a brush. As you progress through the painting program, more drawing concepts are interconnected, advancing you to higher levels. Trust me most of our students have had very little art prior to joining our program, you too can succeed.