List of Classes Offered Below:

We have added Free Zoom Art Talks & Critiques on Thursdays 9:30 am -11:00 am open to all the students currently enrolled.

Critique topics vary from drawing, and painting critiques to supplies and techniques. Artists can show artwork they have done in class or outside of class. Half of the artists just listen to the critiques without showing artwork.

Daily Drawing & Oil Painting: makeups Are Available in All Dailey and Drawing Class Times.

Day:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10:30-1:30 pm  (4 weeks)  Starting the First Week Of Each Month, ( mostly)
Monthly Recurring Payments $115. choose one day a week for 3 hours a week for 4 weeks. Come to any other day to make up missed days.

   Registration Starts  The Third Monday of Each Month

(makeup classes are available on any of the “Daily Drawing & Oil Painting Classes Day or Night).

Night:   Tuesday & Wednesday Nights 7:00 pm-9:30 pm ( 4 weeks ) Starting the First Week Of Each Month,
choose One day A Week – 2 1/2  Hours Per week. Recurring Payment $110 –
choose one day a week 2 ½ hours a week for 4 weeks.
 Registration Starts  The Third Monday of Each Month

We Specialize In A Step For Step How To Program.
Progressive Program helps all artists to reach higher levels in art. Gain skills and knowledge to succeed at Your Pace, One Step At A Time. This class is the core reason Chris’ classes have been in such high demand for nearly 30 years.

Designed for all levels but the Beginners Are My Favorite!
The program is set up with a series of exercises each one explaining What, Where, Why, and How an artist is to use the specific “Art Principle”  we call them “Art Tools Not Rules”.

There is a mixture of drawing and painting artist levels in each class. Allowing for the beginning drawing students to hear the advanced painting exercises and the advanced students to hear the beginning exercises reminding each student what they have learned or will learn.

Paint Your Way: If you have painted before and would like to Paint Under Chris’ Mentoring join this community of artists and use your images ( vacation, family, portraits, commissions, etc. ) Chris shares color theories, mediums, composition, and thoughts to take your art to a higher level.

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Art Secrets: Painting Through Art History with Chris:      

Wednesday 2:30- 4:30 PM,  Starting the First Week Of Each Month, Once a Week for 4 weeks $115.00
        Registration Starts  The Third Monday of Each Month


Join Chris as he and you will paint together your way through Art’s History. Seeing and painting our way together. Each period of art had a specific artist who made contributions to art. The class will paint those contributions and see how artists later were influenced by these new methods of thought and approaches to art.

Understand the artist of the past and how to use the palette, why certain colors, brushes, and mediums are used in a specific way.

Discover What, Why, and How, We will go through all the steps these artists were using to achieve their message for each painting.

Without reservation, this is an amazing class and not to be missed where we all learn something new things each day. Oil painting experience is a prerequisite for this class.

We start March 1 and will oil paint a small painting in one or two days. All the old masters from Giotto. Join Us!

Level: just beyond beginning -Intermediate 

Painting Our Way Through John S. Sargent’s Life,
as Chris explains what Sargent did in each painting!

Tuesday 2:30 pm- 4:30 pm ( 2 Hours- Once a Week for 4 weeks ) cost $115
Starting The First week of each month. Registration Starts  The Third Monday of Each Month

 Learn the Steps as Chris goes through Sargent’s paintings from drawing concepts, color sketches, and finally the actual painting.

We are excited to offer this amazing class. Finally see Chris’ steps he takes as prep work through sketches, and color studies, and then together paint the scene with Chris. Color theory is a large part of this, Chris will share why he losses and finds specific edges and what mediums to use.  Chris will paint with the class explaining each step. 

 Kids Classes are Ongoing, 2021 – Classes 

Saturday 6 weeks $160 JoDette, Ryan, Juliet, Sophie and Caitlin  TEACH THE KIDS CLASSES TOGETHER
     We Specialize In A Step For Step by Step  Program!
The kid’s program is an extension of the adult drawing and painting program. The same concepts but with the emphasis on “fun”. The children’s program has been an enormous success with over 100 kids in two different locations. ( metro academic studies and in our studio). The success form the children’s program is due to the art teachers all going through the adult program making it easy to teach the same concepts as the adults learn. Draw in Graphite and charcoal, watercolor, pastel, and acrylic paint. pay as you come.
9-12 Year Olds 10:30-12:00pm,  12-15 yr olds 12:15-1:45pm
No Kids Classes The Last Saturday Of Each Month.