How We Are Different

Is something missing in your art?

Our art exercises are specifically developed for training and teaching you the language of art. We train your hand, eye, and thought process to create art the way you always desired.

“Knowledge is power.” — Francis Bacon

Would you like to be equipped with art tools for success? I will equip you with these tools through the 3-Stage.

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Classical Greek Model: grammar, logic, rhetoric.

I. The Grammar Stage: What are these Art tools? Think of the tools for the language of art as the building blocks for all other learning to follow later in the painting classes. First, you need to know the facts, “what” these critical art principles are.

II.The Logic Stage: When, how, and why do I use these tools? This stage is where the artist learns the cause and effect from the grammar stage. The whole goal is to train the student’s mind not only to grasp information, but to find the connections between how these art principles can be utilized. The goal is evoking a message through art by learning to apply these tools.

Do you want more?
Has your art plateaued?
When is your oil painting finished?

III. Rhetoric: Then what? In this exciting stage, all the thoughts come together in a powerful way. The knowledge and understanding of the tools allow the artist to creatively use — or not use — these “toolz” in new and unique ways.

When the rules become toolz, artists find their own style.