How We Are Different

Discover Your Voice In Art

Two Major Approaches Taught in Art Today: Classical Approach and Direct Approach. Each Approach has different strengths and weaknesses.

 Our program teaches both Approaches.

We equip the artist with tools for success. Our art exercises are specifically developed for training and teaching you the language of art. Training your hand, eye, and thought process to create art the way you always desired.


Knowlege is Power

Artist encounter problems in painting and plateau. In the last thirty years, I have resolved these issues by developing specific exercises teaching the “What, How, Where, When and Why” of the Elements of Art (Contrast, Color, texture, Pattern, Shape).

  • What art tool do I need to use?
  • How do I use each one of these art tools to evoke a message?
  • Where is the art tools going to be used?
  • When do I need to use it or not use these tools?
  • Why do I use the tools to communicate my message?

Think of Art Tools as a way to visually communicate a language without words.