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DYLAN PIERCE, from Douglasville 5 Star Review


Dylan Pierce watercolor while a student at didomizio arts center

As a student of Chris for nearly 6 years all I have to say is that I’m am so grateful to be a student of his. His teaching has given me the tools to know how to be creative and convey what ever is in my own mind and emotion. Chris has a gift for teaching and has developed that gift for nearly thirty years. His method is advantageous for novice all the way to the professional. I expect being a student under him for years to come.

-Dylan Pierce


Dylan it is hard to believe you are 28 it seems like yesterday when you had quit making art at 18 and returned to our art studio that year.It has been a pleasure having you in the class for the last 10 years and the last few years teaching watercolor in our studio. I enjoyed our weekends in the mountains fly fishing at the farm. Your gifts are far beyond art. I wish you the best in life, may God bless you in every aspect of your life.


TED BURN – Tedsart

ted-burn-artiest-didomizio-arts-center-oil=painting classes

Ten Burn artist in Oil painting Art Classes

More than I expected: I’ve been painting in watercolor and some oil for 30 years. I took the class to learn to use oils. I learned more in the 2 years I took Chris’ class than 6 years of art school I attended in the 60’s. He is the best at helping you to see.

-Ted Burn, Professional Artist







Art-student-wins -award-oil-painting-program-alpharetta

Bootsie winning the merit award at the Portrait Society of Atlanta

Hi Chris,
Congratulations on the awards you received recently at the Portrait Society of Atlanta. The painting is so moving and lovely. i’m delighted that you are enjoying painting now – what a gift for everyone! Also, good luck on your new move to Alpharetta. My son and his family live in Milton. He has a daughter, 14, who has some talent in art. I will tell them about your being near them and encourage her to take your class. As I have told you before, what I learned in your class has enriched my life far beyond what I ever expected. And the trips Jim and I shared with you, Jodette and your students were so much fun and very rewarding – taking us to places and seeing things in a way we never would have on the programmed sightseeing tours we usually took.

Hopefully, I will be able to come out there for a workshop or one of your classes. I just wanted to wish you the best. Thanks to you and Jodette for making my life better!!

Blessings, Bootsie.




Chris: Thank you Bootsie, the pleasure of knowing you and Jim has been mine. I had heard that you had a desire/dream of winning an award in an art competition, well congratulations to winning an award in the prestigious Portrait Society Atlanta. It doesn’t get any better than that, i am proud of you.


margeret-Hutchison-drawing class-oil-painting-lessons

Margeret Hutchison was my first student, after 3-4 classes said: “I’m not getting this, should I continue?”

I look back on the days in your class as an incredible time of learning and am so thankful I had the opportunity to study with you. My vision no longer allows much detail work, so I am grateful I was able to paint under your guidance and now have something to pass on to my sons and their families. My journey from studying math in college, when I had no thought of an art background, to actually learning to draw for the first time at age 45 and being led then from graphite and colored pencils to pastels and oils was more exciting than I could have imagined. It was an unexpected turn in life’s path at the suggestion of a friend who asked me to take a class with her. That is when we ended up in that first class of yours at Chastain. Thanks for the trip down that path! Margaret  ( click here for the blog I mentioned Margaret in)  words-spoken-over-us







You will learn to draw and paintShare:
I began Chris’ class with absolutely no background in art, not even an art class in high school. In his class, I learned how to draw and about composition, color theory and nearly every oil painting technique. The class contains students at every skill level from beginner to advanced. Everyone is supportive and will help as you work your way through the exercises. Let’s be clear here. I do not have a natural talent for art. But you work at your own pace through a series of exercises. You can start with drawing or jump into painting. I began drawing first and cannot believe the progress I made; neither can my friends and family. Chris is passionate about teaching. He says that everyone will succeed in his program, and they do.

MARGARET ANN M.  Atlanta 5 Star Review

I’ve been a student of Chris’ for 12 years. He’s the best in the region, if not the country! His teaching methods meld authentic procedures of the Old Masters with solid technique for any style. It’s a great plus that he always encourages getting in touch with the emotion being expressed in the work to more fully develop that facet of your artistic ability. His personal giftedness and extraordinary talent for teaching effectively is a great blessing to his students. Don’t look further. Sign up at di Domizio’s! — M.A.

S.J. Atlanta    5 Star Review

If you really want the best art classes in Atlanta, this is where you should go. Chris di Domizio knows art and is the best teacher around. He has taught professional artists, other local art teachers including college teachers. Whether a beginner or professional you will learn. You start off learning concepts through drawing which prepare you for oil painting, the amount of time you spend drawing depends on your skill level. Don’t let the drawing part turn you away if you really just want to paint. You may think you already know how to draw, but believe me you WILL learn and before you know it, you will be oil painting. This is an on going class that you can continue going to for as long as you want, you will never stop learning. This class is the high light of my week!

R. CUMMING   5 Star Review

LOVE this art school! If you think this is arts and crafts, think again. If you are looking for instant gratification don’t sign up! BUT if you want to learn how to make beautiful art both technically and artistically then you should make the investment. I have previously wasted money on art “classes” that showed me how to put some paint on a canvas. The end results were flat and uninspiring. I soon quit painting because there was no satisfaction in it.

I am so thankful that a friend told me about Old World Art. I used to hate to draw but now that I have learned how to do it correctly by working my way through the program of exercises, I love it! Even though I have gone through the entire program, both drawing and painting, I still come to class each week to continue to perfect my skills as well as hear Chris’s lectures. Chris continues to study and learn and is more than willing to pass along his knowledge. His commitment to the school and his students as well as the promotion of classical art principles has earned him my respect and gratitude.

NANCY H. Canton    5 Star Review

I have been an artist for many years and have taken classes from many teachers. Most teach how to use a specific medium or theory. DiDomizio’s Old World Art teaches how to make ART. Chris DiDomizio has taught me more about how to make every painting a success that any other program has. The initial studies were repetitive for me but I was able to complete them quickly and moved rapidly through the required exercises in a year. Even in those, I learned a lot about color theory and the use of art principles. We all learn from others and their successes or failures in the daily critiques.

No matter what type of art you want to paint, Chris’s classes will make you a better artist. He will prepare you to make art you are proud of and know why it works to communicate your message.

CATHY M.  Augusta    5 Star Review

This is THE BEST ART SCHOOL in the whole Southeast! I saw an Artist work displayed in the prestigious South East Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) in Charleston years ago and was so amazed with her art work. She said she was a student of the best art instructor ever Chris Di Domizio. I did my research on line and was so impressed with what I saw. I packed my bag and headed to Atlanta to sign up for 8 weeks of classes. Since I live in Augusta, Ga. that is quite a commitment and commute for me. That was 31/2 years ago and I have never regretted it.

Chris teaches with passion and he pours out tons of knowledge . The program that he has carefully designed to take the students through the steps of drawing, then on to oil painting are necessary for a person to learn to produce REAL art of their own and not just be a copy artist. If you want “instant art” then this is not the place to go. We learn the techniques and skills needed but we also learn to think like an artist and put our own feelings, soul and heart’s into our drawings and paintings.

I spent 30 years trying to teach my self, take a few classes from other teachers and being a “monkey see, monkey do, monkey place the paint here” artist! I knew when I walked into Chris’s class that this was different! This was the real deal and not a “fast food type of paint it quick” studio. It is time consuming but it is wonderful to be able to work at your own pace. I saw a strong foundation of skills being taught, repetitive instruction, wonderful lectures, photography classes, watercolor classes, and students growing and getting better and better each week.

My family began to see a difference in me. The excitement, the enjoyment of really learning and being around such a large group of people as passionate and committed as I am. The excitement is contagious and it has changed my life.
I know what, why and how to draw and paint now and I proceed with great confidence and new found knowledge that I didn’t have before my classes with Chris Di Domizio and watercolor teacher Dylan Scott Pierce.

BRE  G. Atlanta 5 Star Review

I have been taking art classes throughout my life, including college level art classes, and can say that I have never had instruction comparable to Chris’s. Old World Art equips you with the ability to create art, and not just copy a photograph. Chris breaks down the drawing process into steps that build on each other. Most classes I have taken were somewhat impersonal and sped me along regardless if I actually grasped the concepts or not. Chris’s class allows you to work at your own speed with one on one comprehensive teaching. You can see the passion both he and his wife have for studio, art, and all that they teach. If you want to take quality art classes, I highly these courses

LEIGH K. Atlanta    5 Star Review

I have been a student in multiple art programs through the years from art colleges to individual artists. There has not been one instructor I have encountered that has spent more time and effort to help me learn the fundamentals of art, so I can truly learn to become an artist. The people that have continued in the program, paint beautifully and many end up doing commission pieces. It is true that you must learn to draw first, but now that I am painting, I truly appreciate that I had to develop that skill first so I could build on it. I am amazed at the level of my own paintings.
Any teacher can give you a brush and let you start painting immediately, but only one that is dedicated to your long term art goals would make you draw first, even at the risk of losing students, because he knows that you will benefit in the long run. Developing an eye and touch for art takes time. If you really want to learn about art, there is no better place than di Domizio’s Art Centre.

ALLISON G. Lawrenceville    5 Star Review

What I discovered throughout those first few months was that it is about learning to make ART, not just about learning to execute with a particular medium. When I say ‘learning to make art,’ I mean two things here. First, learning techniques that will help you make your work look more realistic and direct the viewer around the composition. Second, you learn the perhaps more important skill of taking control of the message of your work, understanding how to take the tools at your disposal and use them to communicate emotion and the story behind the work. This is not something that comes easily or cheaply- you are developing so many things at once, and this learning journey is one of the most challenging I’ve ever been through (and I have an engineering degree from Ga Tech 🙂 ). I’ve been in the class for 3 years and can say that I’m not done learning everything Chris has to teach.

I found Chris’s class after searching for years. I took watercolor and oil painting classes at my county art center, and even did some community education classes offered at SCAD. I always felt like they were a waste of money- at the end I didn’t know any more about color theory or even how to hold the brush or work with paints. In Chris’s class you learn how to use your tools professionally and practically from day one. Even though I thought I was good at drawing when I came into the class, my skill level now is a LOT higher, and I have sold some commissioned works. I know how to apply color theories, how to make objects look realistic, use different blending techniques and make the viewer move around my picture and figure out how to express myself in the work. This is the hard stuff- not the medium itself. That’s why I continue to pay him every two months, because there’s still more to learn.

All that being said, this class isn’t for everyone. I don’t mean to say that some people can’t learn to paint, rather that it is a lot of hard work, and it can be easy to get frustrated – I have certainly had a few moments. It is definitely geared towards a long-term commitment, but the results can be spectacular. I feel like Chris gives you both the technical skills and creative discipline to take your work as far as you can go- many professional artists have come out of his class and I hope to be among them.

K.L.  Marietta    5 Star review Kids Class

Our 10 year old daughter has been in an afternoon drawing/painting class since school started this fall (1 full semester). We are more than pleased. Our daughter literally leaves class skipping, she enjoys it so much. Her instructor is wonderful, and has helped our daughter create some remarkable paintings and drawings. Her work has included pencil (grays and colors) drawings and oil and acrylic painting. She has really been inspired and asked for her own easel, canvases and acrylic paints for Christmas. We look forward to continuing in this marvelous program.

SHARON C.    5 Star review

After searching for an art class, and attending classes that I found useless to me, I found Chris’s classes 3 ½ years ago. I am so glad I did! Chris equips his students with the techniques needed to make them artists. Because the classes are “self paced” the amount of time required before a student paints is up to the student, not the teacher. The techniques taught in the drawing exercises strengthen the skills of the painter……how can you handle a paint brush if you can’t handle a pencil? This may not be the easiest class but the success of its students speaks to its value.

ANN R. Cumming    5 Star Review

If you want to learn how to express yourself artistically, Chris di Domizio’s Art Center is the place to go. I have taken art classes in Georgia and several other states, from colleges, art centers and workshops. The logical, comprehensive program presented by Chris and his staff is not the same thing that you have heard from your other art teachers. This program can really work for you, whether you possess a great talent, or just a great desire to create art that expresses your view of the world.

TERRI H. Atlanta    5 stars Review

I have been studying at di Domizio’s Art Centre for over a year and a half. During that time, my understanding, appreciation, and skill with my pursuit my art has increased immeasurably. Chris is an authentically gifted artist and teacher. He presents his program with a series of exercises, each building upon the last. His desire is for all of his students to succeed and take their art to their highest possible level. Like anything worth learning, it takes time and effort, and one should expect triumphs as well as frustrations. This is an amazing program.

LYN J.  Marietta     5 star review

I have been coming on and off through the years and can tell you this program from my first class until now has done everything I needed it to do for me. I am a very slow learner, that said, I have also been able to sell paintings for up to $15K because of the principals this teacher instills into every lesson. It takes as long as you want to get what you need from this class. The time you take is up to you. I wanted to like what I paint when I look at my finished products and Thanks to Chris I do normally like what I see when I complete a painting. I will return for more classes although I have completed the program there is no reason to ever stop. He even offers open studio which gives you an opportunity to paint along side other artists for a small fee. I can not say enough positive about this class. The class is always full of artists from all walks of life, everyone is welcome. I have a very good eye for art and can honestly say Chris is doing a very good job teaching what he has learned through the years, there is allot of great art coming from his students. You will not find this to be a paint it in a day kind of a class, he is actually teaching his students how to make art, not junk that winds up on the shelf at the Goodwill. I can honestly say when you know more what you are doing, you will like what you are painting. After reading some of the less than positive comments it becomes obvious there are people looking for a quick fix to learning how to paint. To become a Doctor, you don’t go for quickie classes and get a practice full of happy patients. If you want to go forward with the desire to make beautiful art, this is the only school in our area that will actually teach you what you need to know to develop your practice in academic art.
5.0 star rating

SUSAN M.  Acworth     5.0 star rating

If you’ve never drawn or painted before, this is the place to start. Chris knows art and he knows how to teach it. If you think you know art, come here and you’ll learn how to take your skills and talent to the next level. I’ve taken classes and workshops from some very fine instructors, but Chris is hands-down the best.


Color workshop was unbelievable. It felt like a semester of college color study rolled into one day. I hope you are resting your voice today. Thanks for the support.


The workshop yesterday was an eye-opener for me.  I’ve studied art, off and on, my whole life, including years learning from Marc Chatov, a native Atlantan who learned his craft from his Russian father and uncle ( you may know him).  I’ve done a lot of painting, some of it good.  I also have a BFA from UGA.  But somehow I missed a good, decent color theory course.  So I’ve always mixed colors more or less by the seat of my pants.  It’s exhausting and unsatisfying.  Thanks to the years of research,  observation and practical experience you’ve put into the subject, I think I finally see a way to understand color and consciously make choices that work.

By the way, I think you’ve got an excellent book in the making.  Please keep refining your material and get it to a publisher!
I’ve received all emails pertaining to the workshop, thank you.  I will see you tomorrow at 10:00.

BARBARA R.  Atlanta     5 Star Review

I have been a student of Chris DiDomizio for over 15 years. I have taken classes from many other instructors and schools in the Atlanta region and elsewhere in the USA. So I feel qualified to give a truthful review of a fantastic artist and his art school. This is a true Art School for adults and children. Chris teaches how to make real art! How to express your ideas and feelings into a painting and discusses daily what is ART! His wife has been teaching my granddaughters this summer. Rome was not built in a day and learning how to make art can not be taught in an 8 week course. Before you can run, you have to learn how to walk. Chris has developed a wonderful method of teaching. All students work in the same room so beginning students have the advantage of listening to Chris’s comments on other students work, watching him paint on students work. and enjoying his daily lecture on the elements of art. Atlanta is very fortunate to have DiDomizio’s Old World Art available to residents in Atlanta and environs. Chris has students commute from Birmingham and Gainsville to name a few other cities that he draws from. Any person that wants to truly learn how to make art thru the methods of oil painting, drawing, watercolor or photography needs to be in his classes. The studio is open for visitors to come and see what is being created many days of the week. You will be amazed!! Yelp needs to publish accurate reviews of fine artists and not those of a disgruntled person that wants to harm the industry. Read less

LAUREN B. Rome     5 Start Review

Chris is an incredible teacher. He has such talent, and his patience is comforting. A great man whose art instruction I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

SANDY J.  Douglasville     5 Star Review

I have experienced many art classes and I believe Chris to be one of the best teachers in the country. It is a step by step process with each exercise building on top of each other. With each exercise you learn a new concept. It makes it easier learning in the beginning with drawing, then when you do your first oil painting you have less to think about. I have now almost completed the program, well into oil painting, I feel that I really have a great understanding of what I am doing and how to make art without just copying a photo. I am painting at a higher level than I ever dreamed.