Our Purpose

Equipping You with Art Tools For Success

 Does life keep getting in the way? It is your time to paint!

Are you ready to step into your lifelong hearts desire to create art? Learn to tell your story or message as you discover your own unique style, start a new season.

My desire is to help you discover yourself as an artist and train your eye/hand to paint a visual story. You will see colors in things that you had not noticed before. Expand your definition of artistic beauty. Experience a new calligraphy of a brushstroke that can single-handedly carry a message…. I can help you master these tools so that you will recognize when — and when not — to use them.

Please read what Dylan Scott Pierce shares about our program in his first blog. His words describe achieving the goals of this art program, better than I can say:

Barbara Schmich, a new student in Chris’ art class, in her second 8 week session wrote this about our program: