All you need is desire.

With over thirty years of success our Beginning Drawing Program builds a solid foundation transforming the way you approach art. Understand and connect drawing principles with psychological concepts and master when to use them. Successful art is built on communication; our unique Art Drawing Classes in Alpharetta, Ga. thoroughly equips you to succeed.

Level of Ability –  ABSOLUTE BEGINNER or intermediate levels work at your own pace. We love the beginning artist ALL YOU NEED IS DESIRE!

Drawing – Step by Step Drawing Program handed down through the old masters teaches you how to draw accurately in your art today. We have a series of simple exercises that gradually progress to higher levels. I see the smiles of success every week!

Drawing concepts – Our Drawing Classes directly apply to painting concepts & principles, making it easier to master color and is a precursor to painting. For example: Dynamic Figure /  Ground Relationship, Contraposto, Losing and Finding Edges are paramount in painting but much easier taught through drawing. Trust me YOU CAN REACH ANY LEVEL that you desire. One Step at A Time.

Art Talks – Each day there are lectures that benefit the art class as a whole, using: art applications, demos, tips, solutions, instructions.


Drawing Supply List: 1- Strathmore Sketch or Drawing Pad 18×24, 6H, F, 3b pencil  preferably Faber castle 9000 series or Staedler Mars lumograph, but any will do. Kneaded eraser, Willow Charcoal medium thickness longer length do not buy the assorted sizes, Workable Spray Fixative.

by week 3-4 One sheet of Rives BKF 22×30 – 280 Gram white paper.


Class session: 3 hours once a week for 8 weeks.

How Make Up Classes Work:

For Classical Drawing & Classical Painting Classes Only: Artists  who are currently enrolled in an eight week session are able to make up classes conveniently during other Classical times listed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday days 10:30-1:30pm & Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 7:00-9:30pm. Make ups Roll Over into the next session only if you are paid for the session which you want to do the make ups in. ( Paint with Chris: Sargent, Beginning Oil, Color & design Classes, Workshops and abstract Classes are excluded )

………………………… Classical Drawing and Classical Painting Adult Class Times:…………………………………

Monday 10:30am-1:30pm

Tuesday 10:30am-1:30pm, 7:00pm-9:30pm

Wednesday 10:30am-1:30, 7:00pm-9:30pm