1st. Place at the Bob Jones National High School National Art Competition!

Congratulations to our High School Student Maggie Frick!

Maggie Frick WON: 1st Place in Painting!
First Place in Drawing!
Best of Show!

Sorry I do not have her winning drawing of ‘The Apples” and her winning drawing “the Harnet”. Since this is about Maggie the person I am hoping you will forgive me, I have requested the images.

diDomizio Arts Center is proud of our own student Maggie Frick.

Maggie has worked diligently on each art exercise. Learning not just how to do the exercise but also the concepts behind the art principle., learning when to use the principle and when not to use the same principle. Turning the principle into “ART TOOLZ TODAY”!

Since joining Our art program this last year last year, I have watch Maggie take diligent notes during the class lectures each day as well as during the explanation of the exercises. For each drawing exercise in the art drawing program Maggie has been a pleasure to teach and help. Now just starting to paint here in this photograph with her third painting she continues to flourish as she paints her way through the painting classes.
Her desire to learn and apply the art toolz she has learned have already yielded tremendous fruit.

Maggie Frick ,working on her 3rd painting, color exercise: painting with transparent oil paint colors.

Maggie Frick ,working on her 3rd painting, color exercise: painting with transparent oil paint colors.

I have seen Maggie with an openness to learn, to be TEACHABLE, To take an attitude toward doing everything she does to the best of her ability, a habit to make Excellence a way of life, I see this in her in every aspect of her life.

It is not something she can turn on or off.

Can you imagine what our life could start to be when we open our eyes and heart into avenues we never could image?

Maggie’s entire family seems to appear to have the same outlook on life as I have watched her older sister drive Maggie to art class with a smile and a heart to help each week as she carries Maggie’s art supplies into class
Regardless of what Maggie chooses I believe this outstanding young lady will succeed in anything she choses because of the amazing job her parents have done instilling such wonderful work ethic and attitude in life to be open to learn and see things in different ways
. during a social time when entitlement and self centered attitudes seem to prevail.
I see Maggie succeeding in any avenue she choses to follow. This week I mentioned another previous high school art student in class who is also talented like Maggie, Christina Flores.

christina flores 3

( Here with her Painting while in High School) after John S. Sargent’s “Breakfast Table”. ( one of the last paintings in our painting program)  I saw the same attributes in Christina.
here is Christina Completing her oil Painting after John S Sargent. amazing job!

                                                   Here is Christina Completing her oil Painting after John S Sargent. Amazing job!

I have not held it against Christina when she decided to go to Princeton to study Pre- Med instead of art.

These young people are examples of what we all could strive to be. I have complete confidence that  both Maggie and Christina  will succeed in anything they chose to pursue, because I have seen their work ethic.

It is and has been a pleasure teaching students like both Maggie Frick and Christina Flores, they give me a desire to do a better job teaching and to look for more things to teach in new ways.

In my conclusion I say to their parents and to the students,

THANK YOU for allowing me to be part of your lives.

Chris diDomizio
diDomizio arts center